The N.E.W.S.® Compass is a structured, systematic framework based on the metaphor of a compass. It offers individuals, teams and organizations specific tools to navigate themselves through challenging situations and changing environments.

In every decision point, and certainly at every significant crossroad the following 4 fundamental questions should be worked out:

These questions need to be answered on 3 levels: Personal, Interpersonal and Organisational. Working out these questions on those three levels creates a matrix that covers 12 important areas in the organizational progression. We call this the 12 Box Matrix.

Using the Compass and 12 Box Matrix across all our solutions ensures seamless progress from one solution to other, using the same logic and language. The Compass™ allows our trainers, coaches and facilitators anywhere in the world to deliver similar content with similar results.

Singularity of the Compass

Deep and simple, structured, practical and results oriented, the compass is designed to address the navigational needs of individuals, teams and organizations. It provides a clear and structured roadmap of the process and delivers clear outstanding results.