Driving Change Together

In rapid changing environment and rapid organizational changes, every team needs to realign itself to the bigger picture.

Failing to do that, the team will not be able to deliver the expected results.

Team Navigation is a yearly process based on two days structured navigation for organic teams throughout the organization, creating together the next phase of the team progress and alignment.


You will benefit from the Team Navigation process when you need to cascade a new organizational strategy to teams throughout the organization, when there are teams facing change, when there is a new team leader, when you are going on an annual offsite for planning the next year or as a team building process.


Fast and deep, structured, created together, team building, high impact, engaging, focusing and result-oriented.

How does it work?​ 
Face to Face intervention:

A two day interactive facilitated process creating together the next phase of the team using the N.E.W.S.® Compass.


 A process of interviews, web based assessments and analysis and finally customization of the solution to the findings.


Four annual check points

Optional N.E.W.S. ® Executive Coaching.

Post-process assessments after 3 months to assess ROI.

What can you expect?

A Fast, deep and structured process of two days joint navigation based on the N.E.W.S.® Compass. High impact, engaging and motivating process that leads to alignment, commitment and accountability of team members. Results oriented clear deliverables with excellent track record globally.

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