Why they are "Y"?

It is long established that sociological, political and national movements have a cyclical nature.

Whether it is conquering the West, the rise and fall of communism, the Punk movement. They all rise and decline in a similar fashion.

The first generation of any such movement are the Pioneers. They are the ones who start the movement. They are the initiators.

Then come the Establishers. This generation puts proper foundations and organizes the movement. So, it is no longer just an early initiative but a stable movement, sometimes with its various establishments.

In their footsteps come the Professionals. This generation takes the movement and brings it to excellence, to a level of professional accomplishment.

Finally come the Destroyers. They are the ones that cannot stand the results and the side effects of that movement and are determined to destroy it and replace it with something new.

Then the cycle starts again from the beginning with a new movement.

The "Y" generation, or millennials, born 1980's to 2000 are at the focus of a great sociological interest research. They have different values and interests from the previous generation – the "X" generation.

The "X" generations were dedicated, hard workers, focused on their careers, and highly professional. In short, they are the Professional stage of the current cycle.

The "Y" generation is a combination of Destroyers of the current cycle and Pioneers of the next cycle at the same time.

They innovate but in a disruptive way. They are fed-up with the previous generation’s boring "grey" life, so they aim to destroy it and replace it with movements such as "digital nomads".

The organizations they create destroy the way of doing things in the business world but create new social, open, participative way of management.

They disrupt the extreme capitalist way of doing things by creating shared economy ideas.

They are fed up with neglect of communities and the of the environment and create new communities and better approach to the world around them.

They are hopping from job to job like bees in the attempt to find new environments outside of the current corporate structures which are based mainly on survival and fear.

They want to operate from abundance that they do not always have, and create their lives differently.

This understanding explains so much about this generation and much can be still worked out with it.

As Destroyers/Pioneers they also suffer a lot of side effects ranging from a non-professional approach and lack of stability.

More about this to come.

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