TMI - What Happens in an Internet Minute

The amount of data processes every minute around the planet is inconceivable. All knowledge is open and available like no other time in history.

With so much information available, how do you select the relevant information for you? How do you chose what is not relevant? When do you process it?

And even if you are very fast, can you actually scan, understand and absorb all the relevant information for you?

One third of your daily awake time is dedicated to getting and sending information with many context switches and interruptions.

That means that most of your day you deal with information.

When do you have time to do anything other than information transactions?

And with so much irrelevant information that you process daily, what happens to your ability to chose? And chose wisely? With social media bombarded by fake news or meaning nothing news, what does it do to your decision making? Is it more informed or less?

In times of change when your ability to chose grows exponentially. it is wise to decide which information will allow you to grow and develop and which information is just a waist of your time and life.

Be focused, stay attuned ,select well what you process daily as eventually that is what you become.

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