Organisational Culture and its effect on employees’ DNA

"Character is formed from the Temperament that you are born with" I was reading somewhere; "Personality is of four types…" and other stuff like this.

Organizational Culture and its effect on employees’ DNA

The information circulates freely on the net, we all became "authors" and "entertainers". Personal development is done with tear-quotes about happiness, written on pictures of sunsets, appreciated with Likes.

We are bombarded with information at least mediocre and tempted to believe everything that falls under our eyes.

Over 100 years ago, German scholars have observed that both temperament and character are not stable, but evolve over time according to environmental factors. Other specialists later affirmed that personality evolves as well under the same influence of the environment. Modern genetics confirmed this in recent years. We are constantly changing, during our entire lives.

Indeed, there is an energetic dynamics of the person at birth, due to the physical configuration (overall body and neural in particular). Based on this, we begin to relate to the world. Then we turn the switch.

Recently, neuroscience, working with cell biology, have shown that the way we perceive the world and how we react to it begins to change after birth and continue to evolve because of two major influences: environmental factors and our own decisions. We continually change many of our perceptions and, consequently, how to decide and act under the pressure of the environment. We're doing this to better adapt to the environment. We decide to act decisively to protect ourselves from a threatening environment. We decide to act calmly to integrate into a pleasant, protective environment.

Recent research has clearly shown that environmental factors work in two essential ways on the genetic information we start with: they can favour activation of DNA programming or change the genetic code by modelling a new person over time. People born with the "gene of aggression" or "the gene of depression" (genes that deal with optimal metabolism of neurotransmitters in the brain, in these cases being dysfunctional) have neglected negative expectations about their mental development when they were raised in positive environments.

These good, pleasant, favourable environments virtually "disabled" the wrong coding in DNA by permanent changes in cellular receptors. Potential "aggressive" or "depressed" have become powerful, relaxed, balanced and performing people.

The influence of the environment matters, so be careful what environment we choose to live!

As a Leader, how do we choose to support a positive and productive development of our people's intelligence, of their emotional and energy resources? What kind of environment (organisational culture) we create so that we can generate positive, useful, productive individual evolution?

Evaluating carefully what would stimulate better progress and performance in a company: "profiling" individuals with psychometric tools to select them based on "portraits"? Or using internal measurements to invest in developing a healthy and stimulating culture, sustained through an extensive, continuous program of personal development of individuals?

What would be the first step we would have to do if we wanted to create an optimal ecosystem in the organisation that would allow for an optimal (genetic, too) evolution of its most important resources, people?

Today there are tools that allow us to measure the precise aspects of organisational culture and human evolution in the context. Based on the results, programs can be created to generate a strong vital pulse, necessary for a healthy business growth in the long run.

Equally, with the emotional intelligence textbooks, modern genetics teaches us that in business, the best investment of time and money would be to create an "anti-oxidant" favourable environment, which stimulates and supports the evolution of employees as accomplished people and performers.

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