Navigating in times of adversity

Times of adversity are upon us now.

We need to navigate in uncharted waters with complete uncertainty and into what might look like a frightening unknown.

In times like these there are four ways to react and be.

Let’s use the N.E.W.S. Compass to look at these four ways of navigating through adversity

South – Responding in South is to think, feel and operate from fear. Fear of the unknown, of danger, of scarcity. This is understood and yet it is the worst way to handle adversity and unknown situations. Fear shrinks you, makes you smaller than you are. It makes you easy to be controlled. Fear is the worst place to operate from.

South West – At this level you operate from concern and you try to minimize damages. This is a more proactive approach, yet it is limited and creates its own reality, where the best that could happen is to minimize risks and damages.

West – At this level you manage the adversity or crisis as a project. You disassociate from fear or worry, and you do what is needed in a cool, logical and calculated way. You manage the necessary resources, people, timing and everything else as you would a project. This is how some people manage serious disease situations. This approach puts you in the "drivers' seat" and allows you to function well and strive through adversity.

East – At the other end of the spectrum is the ability to leverage adversity for growth. In times of adversity you can find much deeper and more powerful resources within yourself than the ones you normally use in daily life. You can find courage, hope, belief, and perseverance and you can offer them to others as well.

This makes you a greater person than you usually are.

On the other side of adversity, you emerge a greater person, having discovered and connected to those deep human resources in yourself.

The choice now is yours.

Aviad 7.3.20

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