Leadership in times of crisis

Times of crisis pose many challenges for leadership. Leadership in such times must start with self- leadership and only then express itself in leading others.

Self- leadership in critical times starts with facing one's fears. Not to have fears in face of adversity might be stupid and reckless. A leader faces his or her own fears and uderstands that they are legitimate.

Great leaders acknowledge those fears and overcome them themselves with no one else watching or knowing.

To overcome fears a leader needs to pause.

That pause will allow them the space needed for self-consciousness so that they do not succumb to their fears or concerns.

That pause will allow them to rise above their "reptile brain" that is concerned only with survival. Pause allows choice. With no pause the leader will drift with the flow of events, emotions and fears, letting them have control rather than controlling them.

In that pause the leader can ask oneself "What is actually going on? What is happening to me? What happens to others around me? Which feelings control me now?".

That reflection will allow self – consciousness and choice that was not possible before. Simultaneously leaders should explore within themselves their true core values "Right now, what do I want to connect to within myself?" "What is really important?" "Who do I really want to be in this circumstance?" Such deliberations can connect the leader to much deeper levels and resources in themselves. They can connect to courage, hope, faith, perseverance and other virtues. As you can sometimes see in a movie about some historical leader when they rise to the challenging occasion above and beyond others. Leaders that are connected to their internal greatness are worth looking up to.

When connected to their own inner resources they can ask themselves "What do I want to create now?" "What do I want to create with my team? With my family? With my business?'.

This will put the leader on the path of creating an alternative reality for themselves and for the people around them. This can be a reality in which there might be courage, encouragement, strength, support and mutuality.

Leaders can even go as far as thinking "What unique value can I create now for my customers?" "What can be our unique contribution for them now?" Something that will help them? and will help all of us in this circumstance? Something that will help us emerge from this crisis better off stronger and ready for future challenges.

This is much unlike people who raise now the prices of emergency goods for quick gain exploiting others' desperate need. How will they emerge after this crisis is over? Leaders are tested in times of crisis. Everyone can call themselves a leader when things are easy and comfortable. The time is now to rise to the challenge of uplifting yourself and the people that you lead.

"All great men of the past are gone. It is your turn now"

Aviad Goz, Jose Miralles

Mexico City

11/3/2020 Corona days

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