Fast Growing Organizations

"Fast 50" lists are rife these days and for a good reason - fast growth is a common phase in young


When a company enters the phase of fast growth, it can be likened to a young tree – it seems to grow from day to day, but its trunk is thin and fragile.

It is a time of great potential but also very sensitive and dangerous. Like the young tree, the organization is fragile and can break and growing pains are common, exactly like teenagers during puberty.

This is a very chaotic time in the organization’s life-cycle. New employees join. Roles are not clear. Communication and reporting lines are not yet established.

The chaos allows creativity but may also harm productivity and create friction. Managers may reach the limits of their capabilities and not have the time to grow professionally.

Employees that were fit to work in a company of 30 might not fit for a company of 300 employees. As a result, people come and go. Knowledge and experience are lost. Culture changes rapidly.

This chaos requires organizing and integrating the organization whilst on the move.

This is a very demanding undertaking as the daily growth competes on time and attention with the strategic need to organize. The daily pressure usually wins.

Companies require hands-on navigation processes for the leadership team both in the market place and internally.

Most important, the organizations that go through this stage require fast processes of alignment and cascading of strategy.

These processes can hold the organization together during its fast growth

Quick alignment processes, fast cascading and developing engagement by participative leadership style are the keys to success.

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