Books by Aviad Goz


I started experimenting with writing early in my life. When I was 24 I wrote my first book “the man who knew how to think”. I have written it on a beach in 24 hours. Later I wrote “Man search for universal laws” as part of my teachings. My third book was written in a reserve army duty inside an air-conditioned car “the magician from the desert”. Books went on flowing “Your journey to personal effectiveness”, “Results”, “the Zaharada”. My favorite one was written whilst journeying around the world “freedom fighters”. In later years I enjoy writing in cooperation with other writers- “Trouver sa Voie” with Gerrard Rodach, “Self-navigation” with Kim Barnes and the most important book ever “Life of Joy” with my beloved Roni.  

My recent book "Navigation in times of change : The N.E.W.S.® navigation journey" was published on December 2020.

I have seven books not published yet that are partially written which

I hope to release in the second half of my life.  Writing books is fun!  

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