An Amazing Experience

The HR certification in NEWS coaching was an amazing experience for me. It gave me the mindset, skills and tools that I needed to enhance my career as a coach. I find the NEWS compass easy to apply and diagnose issues that my coachees and employees in the field are facing. The facilitators are highly professional coaches and learning from them was a joy. I learnt so much and I couldn’t recommend this module highly enough to anyone considering it. Thank you Roni for sharing your experience with us and supporting us through our coaching journey.

Danielle (Culton) O'Brien

HR Business Lead EMEA & India, Amdocs International Group


An Interactive and logical method

The  N.E.W.S.® Model is an Interactive and logical method:

  • Easy to grasp for the trainee

  • Operational in a very short time (ability to experiment in the field depending on the progress of the method)

  • To advise for future managers, especially recommended for Young managers, to help them structure their actions or analyses.

Manager, Abbott France


"We still talk in the N.E.W.S.® language and together we coach our employees to reach their goals"

"The  N.E.W.S.® coaching course for our senior management touched exactly the points that managers find difficult ans needed to develop.

Each one learned and developed in the places where they were stuck.
Roni with her amazing capability knew how to provide our managers with the basic tools to lead employees to improve their effectiveness.

Few weeks later, we still talk in the  language and together we coach our employees to reach their goals whilst utilising their resources.

Human Resources Manager, GE Healthcare Molecular Imaging


"The use of this tool is extremely clear and judicious"

The experience of 1 year as an internal coach has been an incredible experience for me, both professionally (because it allowed me to help some work colleagues to grow) on a personal level.

The  N.E.W.S.® Model is very accessible; it highlights the core values, as the search for meaning, and allows access to simple but pertinent tools to achieve the objectives.

The use of this tool is extremely clear and judicious. It allows to deepen the values, to breakthrough the existing barriers and to people to project themselves into the future.

Personally, it allowed me to strengthen employees, enabling them to achieve the goal they had set.

Internal coach, Nestle Nutrition


"N.E.W.S.® methodology is unique, yet simple to understand and adopt"

​Aviad Goz and me worked together on two projects - Aviad guided me as Personal Coach and trained the Synopsys sales team. Aviad carries many years of experience in coaching and equipped with sharp senses and good common sense. This powerful combination enables direct and highly efficient coaching process. I was impressed with his quick ability to put a crystal clear mirror in front of me and guide me to see and acknowledge behavioral patterns, which need improvement or change. His  N.E.W.S.® methodology is unique, yet simple to understand and adopt. 

The process of personal coaching impressed me, changed the way I act and contributes to what I do daily both at work and my private life. 
I recommended working with Aviad to my managers and as a result we had team training with the Model.

My team, 7 people, is intelligent and challenging and ALL were excited about this two day training session.

Aviad also provided similar trainings to other European sales teams of Synopsys.
It pleases me to work with professionals and Aviad is definitely one I learned from and enjoy it."

Synopsis Site Manager & Regional Sales Manager 


An enduring program

​“The preparation and follow-up from the Team Navigation workshops ensures that this becomes an enduring program that will initiate and sustain cultural change.“

NAB Head of ATM's & Self Service


After the N.E.W.S.®  process we turned the center around

“We were on the way to be closed down. After this N.E.W.S.®  process we turned the center around and after two years of hard work, together we became the global “incubator” for new products of the mother company.“                                                                               


CEO Merck Serono R&D Center


The N.E.W.S.® workshops helped us to turn our company around

“The N.E.W.S.® workshops helped us to turn our company around and put it back on the path of success and cooperation in the middle of extreme challenges.”

CEO Pfizer Poland


I was impressed that all participants were engaged and enthusiastic

​“I was impressed that all participants were engaged and enthusiastic in the N.E.W.S.® Navigation process. They were all eager to analyze the existing situation and bring about change. The “rhythm” of the workshop was accurate and we touched the most significant issues of the company.”                                                          

VP HR Medtronic


I would recommend this course to anyone looking to maximise their potential

​“I would recommend this course to anyone who is feeling frustrated, unfulfilled, who is feeling that something is holding them back. It provides focus and a number of extremely useful tools and techniques on aligning values with vision direction and how you go about getting there.”


 “This program opened up a ‘can of worms’ which was very confronting at first, but after understanding how to implement the skills learnt in the program, it will help me achieve whatever I want in life.”


 “I highly recommend this program. If embraced it will improve both your work and home life”.



What we achieve inwardly will change the outward reality

​"Ancient Greek/Roman Philosopher once said, ‘What we achieve inwardly will change the outward reality.’ 
It was amazing how N.E.W.S.
®  Experience was instrumental in making me connect to my inner self and verbalize my mission and core values. 
Seems like I have found my direction".


Fazl Saddiqui,
Advisor, Deputy Chairman & CEO

Boston Scientific.png

The N.E.W.S.®  Model is a revolutionary and pioneering method

The  Model is a revolutionary and pioneering method of training session.

I had Team Navigation training with my group last April.


This was really helpful, because we could set up our new “navigation map” using the   Model compass to synchronize ourselves with stakeholders and defining better the objectives, the tools and the execution plan.


Personally speaking it touched me also from a personal point of view: many “hidden” or “buried” topics came to surface provoking my usual behavior.

The challenge started and the change is coming soon.


Rossana Perego

Regulatory Affairs & Quality Manager

Boston Scientific SpA - Milano Italy 

british airways.png

The programme provided the encouragement and personal accountability to take an active step up

​"As a senior operational manager needing to step up to at a more strategic level of leadership, the  N.E.W.S.® Executive Coaching program helped me to adopt and champion a more proactive approach focused on the bigger picture and improve communication with my team members to help them understand and relate to change more meaningfully. 


It also provided me with practical tools to ensure more effective meetings with peers, and keep myself, my peers and my team focused on the critical priorities for the business.


Overall the program provided the encouragement and personal accountability to take an active step up both in my thinking and performance."

Change Manager, British Airways