Mission Possible

Being Effective In a Disruptive Reality

With hundreds e- mails, text messages, WhatsApp messages, phone calls, questions, problems, and cries for help we are overloaded with noise. We might plan what we want to do every day or every week, but the daily storm takes over.

The mental and practical costs are overwhelming – stress, tiredness and missed deadlines are permanent.

"Mission Possible" is a highly practical 1-day training program that will help you save 3-4 hours every day, become much more productive and alleviate the ever-present stress you live in. It is based on a set of principles translated into highly useful and friendly skills and tools. Each of these principles is accompanied by tools, skills, exercises, best practices and means of implementation.

Participants report a very high level of success in using the tools and the skills, much better control over their time, thereby improving their productivity and their state of mind.

How does it work?​ 

2 coaching sessions per participant to embed the principles and iron-out any personal challenges


 For non-managers: a series of 5 sessions that can be run in 1 day, 2 half-days, or 5 separate webinar or face-to-face meetings.

For managers – an additional session that can be run on the same day or separately

What can you expect?

A highly practical 1 day training program that will help participants focus on the critically impactful, run their days rather than being run over, filter out and delegate effectively. This will result in saving 3-4 hours every day, reduced stress and higher productivity.