An invitation to the exclusive 75-minute MAC Gift Workshop

Thursday, 16.6,

15:00 - 16:15 CET

via Zoom

Meet MAC, the structured and holistic leadership development program that transforms every experienced manager into an effective coach and inspired mentor for their team members.


Facilitated by Marina Giareni, Learning and Development Director of N.E.W.S.®.

As part of her 29.000 hours of experience in leadership development, strategy facilitation, and training, she uses MAC wisdom with her team, facilitates dozens of MACs every year, and certifies MAC trainers all over the globe.

This course is a representative and stand-alone part of the award-winning N.E.W.S.® Manager as a Coach 16-hour leadership development solution.

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What to Expect from the MAC Gift Event?

In this free discovery session, you will learn:

That leadership is a conversation.

Which conversations are needed,

so that managers can resolve more

than 95% of the challenges their people encounter.

The practical tools leaders use in coaching conversations.

The awarded N.E.W.S.® Compass. You will use it to diagnose the coaching needs of your team members.

The Co.M.P.Act structure for effective coaching conversations.

The amazing way we facilitate virtual workshops.

Who is it for?

Every manager, leader, and HR / OD expert who wants to increase the effectiveness of their team members, to engage them better, to reconnect them to the sources of their motivation, to support them to overcome challenges, and to lead changes that impact their role.

What is the Content?

  • Welcome

  • Leadership is a conversation

  • The levels of Manager’s Development

  • Why have leadership conversations with your people?

  • Why do most managers not do it?

  • The N.E.W.S.® Compass

  • The 10 MAC conversations managers need to know how to conduct

  • What is unique about coaching conversations led by a manager?

  • The MAC tools for leader/coaches

  • The Co.M.P.Act Structure for a coaching conversation

  • Thank you for your participation

You will receive the exclusive N.E.W.S.® Leading People Assessment

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